Soft Target

Theatre Free Radical is excited to premiere our brand new work, Soft Target, June 2-3 2017 in Saint John, New Brunswick.

About Soft Target:

A government airlift of refugees from the Middle East has crashed under mysterious circumstances, killing all on board. Crash investigator Gordon Joseph, a man scarred by military service overseas, tries to piece together the events that brought the plane down, both aided and antagonized by Nick Radic, a government counter-terrorism operative who specializes in cyber-surveillance of homegrown jihadi wannabes. As Radic’s investigations cross into ethically murky waters, Joseph’s is derailed as he becomes obsessed with crash victim Anna Leivenhuis, a Foreign Affairs worker who may hold the key to the mystery.

How do we cope with a world in which the next atrocity is just around the corner? How do we make rational sense of irrational acts? Soft Target is a play about the need for wholeness in a shattered world.

Soft Target is a new play by Fredericton’s Theatre Free Radical, written and directed by Len Falkenstein, starring Jake Martin, Jean-Michel Cliche, and Rebekah Chassé, and featuring an original score by Eric Hill.

The play is being presented as part of the Saint John Theatre Company’s Canadian Stages Series, with performances Friday, June 2 and Saturday June 3 at 7:30 PM at the BMO Studio Theatre, 112 Princess Street, Saint John. For ticket information visit


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