Theatre Free Radical Presents Utopia at the 2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival

Paradise appears in the backyard of a down on her luck farmer, in the form of a strange new planet parked in friendly orbit nearby. Pristine and bursting with resources, it makes her suddenly the richest woman on Earth, courted by developers and politicians. But is the price too high? And is Utopia all it seems to be? A dark fairy tale for a fracked-up world.

A new play from the company that brought critics’ faves Free/Fall (Eye Weekly Pick of the Fringe, Toronto) and Doppelgänger (“uncompromising and complex”—Georgia Straight) to the 2010 and ’08 Fringes.

Praise for Theatre Free Radical’s Free/Fall (Fringe 2010): “heartbreaking”; Eye Weekly Pick of the Toronto Fringe and Doppelganger (Fringe ’08): “uncompromising and complex” (Georgia Straight), “exciting and provocative theatre” (Plank magazine).

Utopia is a dark fairy tale about a single mother who runs a struggling hobby/Christmas tree farm in rural New Brunswick with her teenage daughter, with whom she has a troubled relationship. She awakes one day to find that a Moon-sized, friendly planet has appeared in orbit above their property, attached to it by a land bridge. The planet is a veritable Garden of Eden: lush, pristine, able to support life but uninhabited, teeming with valuable natural resources and minerals. Ruled legal owner of the planet, she becomes the richest woman in the world and is deluged by developers, scientists, and politicians who want to mine, settle, study, and own pieces of the planet. Her refusal to entertain any of the offers brings her into conflict with her daughter, even as the once seemingly benign planet begins to exert a malign influence on her. As the malign turns malignant, her daughter begins to make her own plans for her future. As the fairy tale ending decays further into nightmare, we are left with the question of what will happen to Utopia.

Utopia will performed at Studio 1398:

Thu Sep 06 19:00
Sun Sep 09 17:55
Mon Sep 10 17:00
Wed Sep 12 19:45
Sat Sep 15 21:35
Sun Sep 16 16:45


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